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Friday, October 09, 2015
Steel Guitar Store Picture 1

Hi, I'm Dick Meis and I'm glad you stopped by our home on the web. Here you'll find everything related to the steel guitar. For more info about us, please click HERE.

Wishing you a Happy Spring 2014! Well, we're still working on some great new instructional products. Our focus from this year out will be on creating some new instructional DVDs and other materials to give you the tools and background to really help you learn how to play pedal steel guitar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are also working on creating a new and improved website and phasing out our shopping cart here as of March 9, 2014. We are still offering instructional materials (books, CDs, DVDs etc.) by mail with payment by check or money order. Until we get the new website up, if you see a product you would like to purchase, please email or call us. Thanks for your patience while we work on our new website!

Also, thanks again to all of our loyal customers over the years from all over the world who have enjoyed our products.

Once in a while we have customers write in and tell us how our products have helped them to learn steel guitar. We always enjoy it when customers write in with comments and suggestions. Here is one testimonial we recently received:

"Dick I enjoyed seeing you in Dallas. Last year I purchased your Texas Dance hall fav's with the 4 levels. I have just started this since the show this year. Long story why I waited a year to get around to your stuff. I have a lot of your teaching stuff.

"Anyway this is awesome. I am having a great time following your suggestions and making up my own. I have found this to be a great teaching tool for me. I hope you create more in the future as this has helped me greatly. Hope this find you and Lois is the best of health. God Bless you for all you do for us beginners."

- John Coffman

New Band Schedule:
Our new band schedule is now up for 2014!
We look forward to seeing you at our next performance.
Rocky Mountain Steel Show 2011: Thank you to all who played in this year's show and to all those who attended! We had a lot of fun. The 2011 show was our last show but we have had a lot of fun doing them over the years and have had some incredible musicians at the shows. A great experience and we again thank all the musicians and attendees.
Well we've been hard at work on some great new Instructional DVDs for all you steel players out there. We're interested in hearing what you think of them and how effective they are in teaching you what you need to know. Here's what's new for 2009:

Our new DVD No. 1 is a great DVD for Beginning Students and Guitar Players Learning Steel. It covers everything you need to know to get started playing the E9th pedal steel guitar. Topics include: Picking; Guitar to Steel; Holding the Bar; Blocking; Chords on 3rd Fret; Songs to Play; and Dominant 7ths.


Our new DVD No. 2 covers Beginning to Intermediate topics for the Pedal Steel Guitar. A comprehensive course that is chock full of theory, exercises, and songs for you to play. Also covers an introduction to Chimes, Harmonics, and Speed Exercises. DVD is accompanied by book with tablature. E9th Tuning.


Our new DVD No. 3 covers Speed Exercises to help you with accuracy, speed, and dexterity. Comes with tabbed charts. Contains suggestions on how to improve your practice sessions. E9th Tuning.


In our new Music Basics and Techniques DVD we teach you some sound theoretical basics of music and techniques that are essential to becoming a seasoned pro on the steel guitar. The explanations in this volume are explained on the Lap Steel Guitar using the C6 Tuning, but they ultimately apply to any steel guitar tunings and to your overall musicianship.


Our new Pop Swing Country Book/CD Combination has lots of songs to play with 1) Steel + Backing Tracks and 2) Backing Tracks only. Learn the ins and outs of these great styles to broaden your playing.


Our new Speed Exercise Book/CD Combination is designed to help you increase Speed, Accuracy, and Dexterity in your playing. If you can't afford our DVD No. 3, then this is a more affordable alternative.


Our 2007 Steel Show DVD is not a new product for 2009, but we think you'll enjoy it if you don't already own a copy. And at just $15.00, it's a steal. This DVD features the following players: Dick Meis, Lee Gillespie, Casey Prestwood, Margie Mays, Daniel Jones, Glen Taylor, George Sypert, Bob Case, Chuck Lettes, Dewitt (Scotty) Scott, Curt Shoemaker, Kent Davis, Del Mullen, and Buzz Evans.


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